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Who can play football for PTJFA?
Children that are residents of Peters Township and are between the ages of 6 and 12 as of August 1 of 2014 can participate in PTJFA’s fall tackle football program.

What are the football weight requirements?
Each age group has a different maximum weight limit for the players.

  • 6/7 age group - 90 lbs. maximum weight / 81 lbs. maximum skill weight
  • 8/9 age group - 110 lbs. maximum weight / 99 lbs. maximum skill weight
  • 10/11 age group - 130 lbs. maximum weight / 117 lbs. maximum skill weight
  • 12 age group - 150 lbs. maximum weight / 135 lbs. maximum skill weight

What is a "Skill Weight"
The G19 Football League, in which PTJFA participates, has designated that any eligible ball carrier (QB, RB, TE, WR, etc.) is subject to a skill weight limit.

If a player is at, or under, the skill weight during the weigh-in prior to the game, they are able to play any position on offense. If a player is over the skill weight, but under the max weight, they will only be able to play Center, Guard or Tackle on offense.

The skill weight limit has no bearing on defense; any child that makes weight for the game can play any defensive position.

How much does it cost?
Registration is $150 per player, $300 for 2 or more players from the same a family.

What equipment does my player need?
An authorized helmet and uniform, football cleats, practice pants, shoulder pads, thigh pads, hip pads, a mouth guard and protective cup. Rib protectors are optional, but encouraged.

When are team assignments announced?
Team drafts will be held in late July and coaches will contact their team parents the first week of August.

When do practices start?
Practices typically begin the second week of August. The first week of practice players will wear helmets only. The second week of practice players will begin wearing full equipment. The weekly practice schedule (which nights of the week) will be designated by each teamís coaching staff.

When are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays in late-August, September, October and sometimes early-November. Most teams will play a scrimmage before the first regular-season game, 7 regular-season games, and have the potential to play three more games if the team qualifies for the play-offs. If a team does not qualify for a playoff game they will play a consolation game at the end of the regular season. The G19 Super Bowl game is generally held in early-November.

Kick-off times for games can be as early as 8 a.m .or as late as 8 p.m. A schedule of game dates, times and locations will be provided by the head coach around the middle of August.

Where are games played?
Home games for PTJFA will be played at either Hofbauer Field in Peterswood Park or the PT High School Stadium.

Away games will be played at designated fields in the other townships participating in the G19 Football League.

Can I help coach?
Parents interested in coaching can download or request a PTJFA Coaching Application Form and submit it to either or send the completed form to PTJFA by mail. In addition to the coaching form, all coaches must pass a Criminal Background Check and a Child Abuse Background Check, per the PT Parks & Recreation Department guidelines. To review these guidelines, click here.

How are coaches selected?
Head coaching candidates are interviewed and selected by the PTJFA Executive Board. Qualified assistant coaches will be selected by the head coaches prior to the draft.

Are there other ways to get involved besides coaching?
Yes. There are a number of ways parents can help. Each team will have a ‘Team Parent’ that will be responsible for coordinating parent volunteers for home games, creating a snack/drink schedule, communicating any special messages to parents throughout the season, coordinating a team banquet at the end of the season and optionally organizing a season highlight video.

For home games each PT football team is responsible for providing an announcer, a spotter, two yard markers and a down marker.

Can anyone attend the monthly PTJFA Meetings?
Yes, all parents of PTJFA players are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly organizing meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of every month at 8:30 p.m. in the upstairs meeting room of the PT Veterans of Foreign War.

What are the Players’ Responsibilities?

  1. Respect coaches, officials, team mates, opponents, parents, equipment and sporting facilities.
  2. Show good sportsmanship at all times.
  3. Always try your best and give 100%.

What are the parent's responsibilities?

  1. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating support for all players, coaches, and officials at every practice and game. Poor sportsmanship, foul language or other bad behavior may result in ejections from games or practices, or a ban from future games or practices, per the rules of the G19 Youth Football League.
  2. Make sure your child arrives at all practices and games on time. Being late to games may result in reduced playing time, per the rules of the G19 Youth Football League.
  3. Ensure that your child's equipment is in good working order.

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