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PTJFA Teams Win Two Super Bowl Titles - Again

Five of our ten Super Bowl titles have been won in the last three years!

This season PTJFA fielded 10 teams across 4 different age levels:6/7, 8/9, 10/11, and 12. Four of these teams won their division titles and nine of the teams qualified for the playoffs, the most ever in a single season.

The 2012 season came to a successful close on Saturday, November 3rd, when three PTJFA teams played in the G19 Super Bowl Championship games, hosted by Seneca Valley. All three PTJFA teams finished impressive seasons with strong Super Bowl appearances, ultimately earning two championship titles and one runner-up title. The two 2012 Super Bowl wins match PTJFA's 2011 Super Bowl results - bringing the our total championship title wins to ten since 2000, when Peters helped form the G19 league. Five of our ten Super Bowl titles have been won in the last three years!

2012 Super Bowl Teams

12 PT Red - Head Coach Demetri Maharamas
Super Bowl Champions
Division Champions
Undefeated 10 - 0 Season

This season the PT Red 12 defense gave up fewer points than any team in the age group
and its offense led the age group in total points scored

8/9 PT Red - Head Coach Matt McDonnell
Super Bowl Champions
AFC North Division Champions

PT Red 8/9 finished the season with a 9 - 1 record. Seven of their wins were shutouts -
including the two playoff games and the Super Bowl game.

8/9 PT Black - Head Coach Dan Ambrogi
NFC Super Bowl Runner Up
PT Black 8/9 finished their season with a 7 - 3 record.

PTJFA Super Bowl Champions
  • 2012 PT Red 12 Head Coach Demetri Maharamas
  • 2012 PT Red 8/9 Head Coach Matt McDonnell
  • 2011 PT White 10/11 Head Coach Darrell Gudenburr
  • 2011 PT Red 8/9 Head Coach Shawn McCall
  • 2010 PT White 6/7 Head Coach Rick Pfeuffer
  • 2009 PT Black 6/7 Head Coach Shawn McCall
  • 2007 PT Black 6/7 Head Coach Darrel Gudenburr
  • 2005 PT Black 10/11 Head Coach Rich Erenberg
  • 2002 PT 8/9 Head Coach Ed Hancock
  • 2001 PT 6/7 Head Coach Rich Erenberg

2012 PT RED 12

2012 PT RED 8/9

2011 PT WHITE 10/11

2011 PT RED 8/9

2010 PT WHITE 6/7

2009 PT BLACK 6/7

2007 PT Black 6/7

2005 PT Black 10/11

2001 PT 6/7

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